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March 06, 2020

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Odell - Barreled Treasure Imperial Stout

The newest arrival from Odell Brewing Company, Barreled Treasure, is part of their new Cellar Series Collection and has finally hit the shelves! A reward of hidden bliss awaits the intrepid explorer whose liquid journey brings them to Barreled Treasure. Am imperial stout aged in both bourbon and rum barrels and awakened with a hefty dose of coffee, Barreled Treasure has a luscious complex profile packed with aromas and flavors of rich espresso, blackstrap molasses and baker's chocolate. Your riches await!


Dogfish Head - Vibrant P'Ocean

A recent collaboration between Dogfish Head Brewing and Rodenbach, Vibrant P'Ocean, has just arrived in the store! Vibrant Po'cean is a cross-Atlantic collaboration that melds the old-world charm of a 2-year foeder sour with the funky irreverence of an elderberry, elder flower & fleur de sel kettle sour. Both these breweries are excellent in their own way, but together they produce a top notch sour that both can be proud of. This is a rotating limited release, and is sure to go fast!


Prairie Artisan Ales - Weekend

Prairie Artisan Ales out of Oklahoma City is well known in the craft beer industry for their creative sours and stouts. Prairie Weekend was just released, and we've got some for you to enjoy! Prairie Weekend is an imperial stout with coconut, cacao Nibs and Marshmellow added. Full, lavish and chocked full with marshmallow taste and texture on the late palate, the beer's roasted character links into the stern booziness for a spicy, toasty and highly malty-sweet mouthfeel. Yes, please. 

February 20, 2020

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Melvin Brewing - Core Lineup

Melvin Brewing was born in the back of a Thai restaurant in 2009, when founder Jeremy Tofte decided to bring beers from the future to Jackon, Wy. There the 20 gallon brew system quickly grew into a 3 barrel system, and they served their first Award-Winning beers - the original Melvin IPA, 2x4 Double IPA, and CH-CH-CH-CHERRY Bomb. 

After winning Small Brewpub of the year at GABF 2015, and Brewing Group of the year at GABF 2017, Melvin Brewing decided to expand their distribution. Recently they were introduced into the KC Market, and we decided to bring in everything they offered! We look forward to offering this great brewery, and we think you guys should check them out!


Martin City - Irish High Five

Martin City Brewing Company is a local brewery that has been producing great beer since its founding in 2014. Recently, they have put a new item, Irish High Five, into the market for purchase. Irish High Five is a Red Pale Ale that pours a copper-reddish hue with a white foam head, giving way to a sweet citrus aroma, hop-forward flavor with citrus and an easy bitterness. 


Toppling Goliath - Sun Reaper

Tucked into the Bluffs of Decorah, Iowa, Toppling Goliath was founded in 2009 and has been working ever since to create truly top shelf beer. Their newest release, Sun Reaper, has just been shipped to the store for purchase! Sun Reaper eclipses all others with its medium body and mild bitterness. With notes of pineapple, orange and passion fruit flavors up front with a layer of soft pine in the finish. 

February 12, 2020

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

4 Hands - Madagascar Nitro

Every year 4 hands brewing releases their Madagascar Milk Stout which is aged in bourbon barrels using whole Madagascar vanilla beans. This year, in addition to the release of Madagascar, 4 Hands decided to change things up and release a Nitro Madagascar Variant. They used nitrogen to package the delicious stout, creating a smooth creamy poor you've come to know and love with other Nitro brews. We only received a single shipment this year, and they are sure to go fast.


Bell's - Light Hearted Ale

Bells Brewing has just introduced a item into their year round lineup, Bells Light Hearted Ale. This ale is a Lo-Cal, Lo-Carb easy drinking IPA. Bells is known for delivering full flavor profiles, and complex brews with their IPA's, and this low cal version is no different. You can enjoy all the benefits of a Lo-Cal beer with flavor profile, and quality you would expect from Bells. 


Freigeist/Urban Chestnut - Coffee Clouds

Urban Chest and Freigeist Bierkultur did a collaboration with Dark Matter Coffee out of St. Louis, and created a Coffee Stout with trying! The Dark Matter Coffee was smoked prior to being added to the stout, which adds another layer of complexity to this creation. With other notes of dark fruit and vanilla complimenting the dark roast of the smoked coffee, this stout is sure to hit all the marks you look for in your average coffee stout. Come get lost in the Coffee Clouds!

February 06, 2020

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

2nd Shift - Wanna Bee

2nd Shift Brewing out of St. Louis has recently put out this specialty beer, as a limited seasonal release. Inspired by the timeless beer, Orval, this beer was brewed in collaboration with the great people at Blackberry Farm. Using Buckwheat Honey instead of the traditional candi sugar, this Brett beer will evolve & develop over time - drink now, drink later, just enjoy!    

Firestone - 2020 Parabola Vintage No. 11

Of all the beers in Firestone's Proprietor's Vintage Series, Parabola is the most notorious. It is always a beast of a beer, with intense flavors of black cherry, dark chocolate and roast coffee. Yet each annual release also bears its own subtle imprint. This 2020 vintage of Parabola is distinguished by secondary notes of tobacco, vanilla, caramel and plum, all imparted by extended aging in premier bourbon barrels. 

Oskar Blues - One-y IPA 

A hazy IPA delivering citrusy flavors of orange peel, tangerine and lemon zest balanced with bread-like malt and presented as a 100 calorie wonder. Big, fruit-forward, herbal vibes will make you forget it's low cal. We know the great people over at Oskar Blues really care about their craft beers, and this one puts that care on exhibit. 

January 28, 2020

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Left Hand - Peanut Butter Milk Stout

Rich milk chocolate notes team up with peanut buttery perfection for a deliciously dark duo. Rhythm and Blues. Batman and Robin. Peanut butter and Chocolate. These classic duos never go out of style. Enter peanut butter milk stout. Left Hand took the pure milk chocolate bliss of their classic milk stout, and added peanut buttery goodness. Its like an adult Peanut Butter cup you can drink. Its rich and decadent on the palate and lusciously lingers into a nutty, dry finish. A perfect pair you'll want to share.


Deschutes - Tangelo & Cardamom

Deschutes Brewing is looking forward to Spring and have recently released their newest seasonal, Tangelo & Cardamom. An indulgent infusion of complex yet complimentary flavors, this American sour ale swirls through notes of tangy citrus and warm cardamom spice on a light current of oolong tea. This sour is not intended to pucker you up, but to leave you properly refreshed.


Dogfish Head - The Perfect Disguise

On the surface, The Perfect Disguise looks like a straightforward Kölsch with a crisp Kölsch yeast and traditional German malts and hops ... but things aren't always what they seem. With a quick sniff and a slight sip, you're greeted by a creamy mouthfeel and full body thanks to the addition of a unique German chit malt - the first hint that this beer may be somewhat different.

Hiding deeper behind that German disguise is the double dry-hopping of an American Double IPA, with nearly 4 lbs. of German and American hops per barrel. It brings tropical flavors of citrus, tangerine, mango, gooseberries and peach.

January 23, 2020

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Boulevard - Chocolate Ale

This years edition of Boulevard Chocolate has just been released into the market! Medium bodied and effervescent, the aroma evokes dried fruits, earth and cocoa, with just a hint of spicy hops. Mouthwatering flavors of Valrhona chocolate from Dominican cacao nibs weave seamlessly between layers of honey, brown sugar, caramel and nutty malt, deftly harmonizing and rounding into a luscious, lingering finish. These will go fast!

Uinta - Hazy Nosh IPA

Hazy Nosh is a new seasonal hazy IPA released by Uinta Brewing. With big, juicy hop aromas of mango, orange and pineapple, Hazy Nosh features low bitterness with a soft mouthfeel and velvety, opaque appearance. With a sort of combination between traditional IPAs and New England Style hazy IPA, this beer is sure to leave your pallet perplexed, and wanting more!

Crane - Champ Stamp

Crane brewing, from a little bit North of here, has just put out their Champ Stamp, just in time for our Chiefs to make a Superbowl appearance. This years Champ Stamp is an easy drinking Blonde ale with a steady 5.0% ABV, perfect for game day! We only received a small amount of cases for this product, and they're sure to go before Superbowl Sunday!

January 13, 2020

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Martin City - Brooo

Martin City Brewing Company just shipped out this years limited release of BROOO. This Milk Chocolate Stout, made in partnership with Shatto Milk Company, is like the Hallelujah chorus cascading down your throat. The malty, chocolate nose leads to a flavor profile with roasty notes and more chocolate. It finishes with decadent smoothness and satisfaction, so get to drinking. You've never had a milk stout quite like this.


Stone - Neverending Haze IPA

This is a unique IPA! There is a lot of flavor intensity throughout this beer... especially for a 4% ABV IPA. Stone Brewing is known for big beers with ample alcohol, but they have also made beers just as flavorful at a lower ABV and this beer is a shining example. The centuries old yeast strain used in this brew, Voss Kveik Ale yeast, produce intense orange citrus notes, which work perfectly with the intense fruit aromas and flavors of Mosaic and Citra hops. 


Shiner - S'more

Shiner's newest seasonal, S'More Chocolate & Marshmallow Ale has just arrived in the store! S'more is a dark, rich, full-bodied ale brewed with marshmallow and artisan chocolate form the Tejas Craftory. Rich hints of vanilla, caramel, graham cracker and fire-roasted cacao compliment the roasted malt, making you feel all nice and toasty, and you don't even need a campfire. 

January 07, 2020

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Boulevard - Phantom Haze

Boulevards newest year round release, Phantom Haze, has just arrived fresh off the line. Phantom Haze is a Double Dry Hopped IPA, bursting with luscious tropical hop flavors. Inspired by the luminous glow of stunning sunsets and the enigmatic aura of transient twilight, this supernaturally delicious beer is big, bold, and beautifully balanced, bursting with luscious hop flavors. Pouring an inviting shade of orange, Boulevard combines 10 different hops with an oat and wheat malt bill to give this beer a juicy, hop-forward taste with a pillowy mouthfeel.


Oskar Blues-Death by King Cake

Oskar Blues out of Longmont, Colorado, has just released their newest variant of their "Death By" series, Death by King Cake. Anyone can be King for a day with death by King Cake. Inspired by the traditional Mardi Gras treat, this decadent white porter is brewed with vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, cacao nibs, orange peel and pecans. Grab some before this limited release rotates to another great seasonal!


Cigar City - Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie brown ale from Cigar City out of Tampa, Florida is finally on the shelf! The addition of raisins, cinnamon and milk sugar to their full-bodied and chocolaty Brown Ale base creates a unique beer that tastes exactly like it was pulled out of Grandma's Oven. Aromas of chocolate, raisins and cinnamon dominate with soft toffee and bread crust notes complimenting. 

January 03, 2020

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Toppling Goliath - Light Speed

Toppling Goliath out of Decorah, IA, just shipped their newest release Light Speed. Light Speed is a Double Dry Hopped Pale Ale with Lemon and Orange. With a tropical fruit hop profile, and a crisp clean mouth feel, this pale ale leave a delightful bitterness that leaves you wanting more. Light Speed is their newest rotating specialty release, so its sure to go fast!


Pabst Blue Ribbon - Coffee

That's right! The Pabst Blue Ribbon we all know and love, has finally released their Hard Coffee to the Kansas City Market! This is the Original PBR Hard Iced Coffee with a dash of milk. This java brew balances a rich creamy blend with a whipped vanilla flavor. Perfect for starting the morning off right, or keeping a good night going!


Kc Cider Co. - Imperial Dry 

Remember Prohibition? Probably not, but our little home town was known as one of the wettest cities in America. KC Cider Company dedicated their re-release of Imperial Dry to KC's Prohibition Roots. Inspired by an early freeze, KC Cider presses and ferments frozen apples, giving the cider an unmatched crispness. This bone-dry cider features a balanced acidity and a fantastic red apple aroma. Yes, please!

December 27, 2019

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Southern Tier - Hot Cocoa

Southern Tier's Blackwater NITRO Series introduces NEW flavor, Hot Cocoa. Each can releases nitro into the stouts, creating cascading foam and delicious, creamy flavor.  It is a fully sensational drinking experience that you can hear, see and taste. With rich natural chocolate and hints of marshmallow, Hot Cocoa is the perfect pairing to stay warm during a cozy night.


Pipeworks - Got Ya Covered

Pipeworks brewed this beer with pounds of pretzels in the mash, chocolate malts, and a pinch of salt to bring home that chocolatey, salty sweet combo everyone loves about chocolate covered pretzels. This imperial milk stout brings all of those wonderful flavors together, while not being over powering. This is an allocated release, and will only have a small amount remaining!


Goose Island - Paper Umbrella

Tropical vacation long overdue? We're right there with ya. Save your P.T.O. because you've got paradise in a can. Pop open a Paper Umbrella and surround yourself with the refreshing and tropical hop character. With notes of coconut and pineapple, the resulting tropical IPA truly is a hoppy paradise. 

December 17, 2019

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Founders - Civilized Brut

Like a fine Brut Champagne, this IPA is brilliantly bubbly, refreshingly crisp and stunningly clear. Designed for a more sophisticated IPA drinker, Civilized Brut has a clean and restrained bitterness. The clarity and malt sweetness allow the hop notes to tantalize your senses in a bold yet never-overpowering way. Nothing savage about this brute - this IPA is unconventionally sophisticated.


Samuel Smith - Winter Welcome

This seasonal beer is a limited edition brewed for the short days and long nights of winter. The full body resulting from fermentation in 'stone Yorkshire squares' and the luxurious malt character, which will appeal to a broad range of drinkers, is balanced against whole-dried Fuggle and Golding hops with nuances and complexities that should be contemplated before an open fire.

4 Hands - Barrel Reserve Single Origin

Barrel Reserve Single Origin is 4 hands Bourbon Barrel aged version of Single Origin Imperial Stout. Barrel Reserve Single Origin is a collaboration project that focuses on single origin ingredients. Look for notes of Bourbon, dark chocolate, coffee and berry. We did receive an allocated amount of these guys, and they are sure to go fast!

December 10, 2019

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Perennial - Abraxas 2019

An Imperial Stout brewed with ancho chili peppers, cacao nibs, vanilla beans, and cinnamon sticks. Pouring deep brown with a thick head, this beer has a complex body with a delicious lingering roastiness. Abraxas is brewed with unique ingredients intended to challenge and excite the palate. It may be enjoyed right away or allowed to age in the bottle. Vertical tastings are encouraged. This is allocated to one per customer as they are sure to go quick!


Guinness - Over the Moon Milk Stout

After 200-plus years of making the world's most popular dry stouts, Guinness decided it was high time to brew a sweeter style. So, their American brewing team developed a milk stout, meaning a stout brewed with lactose (aka milk sugar), which imparts a sweet creaminess to the beer. The result is a creamy, sweet stout with mocha-like notes and earthy, woody tones. 


New Belgium - Nitro Cold Brew

A smooth, creamy, and refreshing coffee beer? Thanks to their friends at High Brew Coffee, that's exactly what this beer is. New Belgium infused a cream ale with oats and High Brew's cold brew for a velvety mouthfeel and refreshing finish that will have you wanting more! Infused with nitrogen, so pour hard! This is a rotating seasonal so grab some before the next seasonal rotates in!

December 03, 2019

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Crane Brewing - Thundergong

Crane Brewing, a local brewery here in the KC area, has recently released a new beer by the name of Thundergong. Thundergong is a benefit concert presented by Jason Sudeikis, which raises funds for Steps of Faith, a KC non-profit that provides prosthetics for amputees. This Wheat ale brewed with orange peel is both refreshing and delicious, and we highly recommend you give it a try!


Cinder Block - Packaging 

Cinder Block Brewing out of North Kansas City has officially started canning their beer, and we are excited about it! Cinder Block has been producing some excellent non packaged beer since 2013 when they first opened, and has since developed their brewery into a local favorite. Coming in 6pk cans will be Cinder Block North Town Native, Cinder Block Block IPA, and Cinder Block Pavers Porter. 


Boulevard - Brandy Land

Boulevard has just announced the release of their new specialty seasonal, Brandy Land. Brandy Land is a cinnamon infused, double mashed imperial stout that slumbered 12 to 24 months in casks that held bourbon and apple brandy. With notes of chocolate, espresso, baked apple and spiced wood, Brandy Land's delectable blend ends with a warm, lingering finish. This is a limited release, so like always, once its gone, its gone!

November 25, 2019

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Torn Label - Mansion Brew

If House Brew isn't big enough for you, just buy the Mansion Brew instead! Torn Label has released the imperial version of House Brew, a delicious Coffee Wheat Stout. This stout is brewed in collaboration with Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters in the River Market area, and is loaded with tasteful notes of coffee, chocolate, and toffee.  


Odell - DDH Imperial IPA

It's no secret that Odell Brewing loves hops. DDH (Double Dry-Hopped) is their latest release that celebrates two of their all-time favorites - Chinook and Galaxy. This massively dry-hopped Imperial IPA was brewed to deliver booming hop flavors of sweet apricot, peach pie, and tropical fruits. This is a limited release, so catch them before they're gone!


Brooklyn - Black Chocolate Stout

Brooklyn Brewery out of Brooklyn, New York, has released their Black Chocolate Stout into the market again, for the winter season. This highly acclaimed Russian Imperial Stout achieves its dark chocolate aroma and flavor through the artful blending of six malts and three distinct mashes. This stout is the ready to be enjoyed immediately, or cellar aged for a couple of years to add some complexity!

November 22, 2019

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Crane - Apple Spice Gose

Crane Brewing from right here in the KC Area has recently put their seasonal apple spice gose back into the market. as delicious by the fire or on the beach, crane has struck the perfect balance with this lemony tart gose with apples and cinnamon. Whether your fall is cool and crisp or warm and cozy, enjoy this new tradition with your friends and family.


Cigar City -Cubano Style Espresso

Cigar City from Tampa, Florida, just released a seasonal brown ale by the name of Cubano-Style Espresso. This English-Brown style ale is brewed with a heaping of Cuban-style espresso beans from Tampa's Buddy Brew Coffee. Vanilla and cacao are added as well, creating a bold ale that brings to mind a fine cup of Cuban coffee. 


KC Bier Co - Bier Box

Kansas City Bier Company has officially released their new 12pk bottles into the market. Available in the store today is KCBCO Dunkel 12pk Bottles, and a Variety 12pk Bottle as well. The variety pack from KCBCO has all of the main skews included in the box, Dunkel, Hefeweizen, Helles Lager, and Pilsner. These 12pks have arrived at the perfect time to stock up for the Holidays that are right around the corner!

November 12, 2019

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Lagunitas - Willettized Stout

Lagunitas Brewing out of Petaluma, Ca., took their original coffee stout, and aged them in some Willett Rye Oak Barrels. If you're familiar with bourbons or ryes, then you will have heard of Willett Distillary, and their highly sought after spirits. The result of this oak barrel aging process is a chocolatey, coffee-y, smoky, Bourbon-y beast of a barrel-aged thing. This is an allocated release, so the shelves will only be filled for a short amount of time!


4 Hands - Secret Handshake

4 hands Brewing Company out of St. Louis have recently done a collaboration with Left Hand Brewing of Longmont, Co., and the by product was Secret Handshake. Secret Handshake is an Imperial milk stout that was fermented with boysenberries and aged in a blend of Bourbon and Ruby Port barrels. Luckily, you don't need to know the actual secret handshake to try this great brew out! ;)


Logboat - Chino and the Slackers

Another great brewery that has really established a place in the local market, Logboat Brewing Co, out of Colombia Mo., has just released their newest IPA, Chino and the Slackers. This new IPA, pours a golden color, and has an easy drinking 6%ABV. The tasting notes are fruit forward hop profile, with a slightly dry finish. Logboat has proven that they know how to produce some delicious, creative IPAs, and Chino and the Slackers is no exception. 

November 04, 2019

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Boulevard - Berry Noir

Boulevard Brewing has released their newest addition to their seasonal lineups, Berry Noir. Berry Noir is a Sour Ale brewed with blueberries and blackberries, perfect for the chilly winter months ahead. Boulevard uses their main Berliner Weisse, as the core, and as added in real fruit concentrate for a juicy ale with a crisp tartness reminiscent of lemonade. Berry Noir is a seasonal, and will be rotating with the seasons, so grab some while you can!


Founders - CBS

Founders CBS, or Canadian Breakfast Stout, has just been received for their once a year shipment. CBS is an Imperial Stout brewed with Chocolate and Coffee Aged in Maple Syrup-Bourbon Barrels. This stout has won countless awards, as well as being ranked in the top 10 beers of 2018. We only get these in once a year, and they always go fast, so if you want some you better come grab em! 


Lagunitas - Brown Shugga'

Lagunitas Brown Shugga' is the Fall seasonal that people always look forward to. Brown Shugga actually started as an aborted batch of Old Gnarlywine that was so good, they bottled it. With a sugary sweet aroma, and tastes of sweet toffee, caramel, and brown sugar, this strong american ale is sure to leave you satisfied. Not to boozy, and with a slight appearance of hops on the finish, this ale is complex and perfect for all occasions. 

October 28, 2019

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

4 Hands - Absence of Light.

4 Hands Brewing Company has recently released one of their top sellers back into the market. Absence of Light is a milk stout brewed with peanut butter. Chocolate malt dominates the grain bill, backed up by a combination of caramel malts and roasted barley. This provides a very rich, complex flavor with notes of chocolate, coffee, peanut butter and a slightly sweet finish. This is always a favorite from them, and this year they've switched to cans so you can enjoy them on the run! 


Torn Label - Memory Foam

Torn Label has been one of the local favorites for some time now, and they have kept pumping out great new beer! Their newest release, Memory Foam, is a New England style IPA. Memory Foam features Simcoe Cryo plus Citra & Azacca hops for soft, well balanced flavors of exotic fruits - expect guava, papaya, and pineapple, and juicy goodness from start to finish. This NEIPA is sure to keep you feeling refreshed, even as the cold winter months approach!


Odell - Isolation Ale

Isolation Ale from Odell Brewing Co. is a clear sign of the winter months approaching. This beer is a tribute to the first Fall flakes - and the Isolation from the cold that follows. Isolation Ale is a sweet-caramel malty ale balanced by a subtle crisp hop finish, perfect for any day inside by the fire, or for making the first treks through an untouched layer of snow. Isolation Ale is a winter seasonal, and will be rotating here before you know it. Come on through and grab some before its too late.

October 22, 2019

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Left Hand - Chai Milk Nitro Stout

Left Hand Brewing out of Longmont, Colorado, has just released this delicious super smooth milk stout nitro with aromatic spices. This is a sweet delightful milk stout, with just the right amount of spices and Chai. With aromas of big cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, clove, allspice, nutmeg, milk chocolate, cocoa, caramel, brown sugar, toffee, vanilla, cream, toasted oats, and dark/brown bread included, this complex stout will have you wanting more!


New Holland -  Dragons Milk Oatmeal Cookie

New Holland Dragons Milk Reserve Oatmeal Cookie is a beer based on that very sweet treat. Dragon's Milk Reserve: Oatmeal Cookie is carefully aged with cinnamon, oats, brown sugar, raisins, and Madagascar vanilla extract. The familiar flavors of a freshly baked oatmeal cookie make an excellent pair with the rich, warm bourbon notes of the signature barrel-aged stout.


Firestone Walker - Bretta Blanc

Firestone Walker Bretta Blanc is a distinctive wild ale fermented with white wine grapes from David Walker's family vineyard, creating a deliciously effervescent beer-wine hybrid. This beer was aged for up to three years in French oak barrels and has notes of honeysuckle and honeydew melon, with a soft Champagne-like mouthfeel for maximum drinkability. This is a one time release, so hurry and grab some before they are gone for good!

October 08, 2019

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Sweet Water - Chocolope Stout

The 420 Strain is back in black with a chocolaty stout and a head-turning aroma. Sweet Waters unholy trinity of hops, strain specific terpenes and natural hemp-type flavors complement a roasty malt backbone, resulting in a dream medley of mouth-water flavors. Tropical Fruit on the inhale, coffee on the exhale, gooey chocolate all the way through. Sweet Water is always creative with their rotating 420 series beers, and this one is no exception.


Voodoo Ranger - Hop Avenger IPA

Voodoo Ranger from New Belgium Brewing out of Fort Collins, Co. has sent out their newest rotating IPA series. Hop Avenger IPA brings a super juicy tropical aroma and light sweetness, with a power pineapple punch on the follow through. Using citrus forward hops, along with Pale, Caramel 20, and Munich malts to match the easy drinking 45 IBUs, this juicy IPA will leave you asking for more.

3 Fonteinen - Oude Geuze

3 Fonteinen Oude Geuze is a blend of one-, two-, and three-year old lambics. Spontaneous fermentation, patient maturation in oak barrels, and continued evolution of the ecosystem in the bottle result in a distinctively complex and elegant natural beer. No two bottlings are alike, as there are multiple variables in the blending process, a variety of barrel sizes and shapes, differences in aged lambic proportions in the blend, etc. When cellared properly, 3 Fonteinen Oude Geuze can be aged for several decades. We only recieve 3 Fonteninen once a year, so come and grab some as they are sure to go fast!


Brew Pipeline Program

The Brew Pipeline Program is brand new to the Kansas City area, and we are very excited about it! Each month, we will be bringing in two to four different beer selections, which are currently unavailable in the local market. This month we have brought in Goodlife Brewing out of Bend, Or. Joining our shelves from them will be the Goodlife Special Sauce, and Goodlife Sweet As Pacific Ale. Special Sauce is a juicy IPA with 2-row pale, and pilsner malts rounded off with a delightful citrus finish. Sweet As Pacific Ale is a chill concoction brewed with New Zealand and Australian hops. Pineapple, cream, and other soft tropical aromas dominate your nose creating a perfect transition to the playful finish. Come on by and try these new beers before they rotate out!

October 01, 2019

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Mothers-Materfamilias Imperial Stout

Materfamilias is Latin for 'female head of the house.' No other beer Mothers makes commands as much attention and devotion as she. From the brew-house to the barrels, your Mother's remains at the service of this exquisite imperial stout. In the aging process, the beer's interaction with the wood of bourbon, rye whiskey, rum, and brandy barrels dictates the composition of the final blend. 

Materfamilias cannot be rushed. It cannot be forced. It brooks no compromise. The result is a stout of such complexity and nuance that you, too, will recognize the authority of your Materfamilias.  


Schlafly - Ibex Cellar Eleventh Labor

The Eleventh Labor - Which tasked Hercules with the impossible feat of stealing apricots from Zeus - is Schlafly Ibex Cellars ode to the hero and his virtuous struggle to become immortal. While their journey to acquire this beer's apricots wasn't quite as arduous, they are just as triumphant over this juicy sour ale. Ibex Cellar releases a different brew every year, and this years apricot sour is sure to head out the door quick!


Boulevard - Restless Nights

Boulevard Brewing has recently sent out their newest addition to the coffee category of brews. A collaboration with Modern Times Beer + Coffee, this beguiling blend of fresh porter and barrel-aged porter is brewed with ten varieties of malted barley, wheat, and oats. Following fermentation, this inky brew rests on bourbon barrel-aged coffee for three days, infusing grace notes of ripe fruit, citrus and rich vanilla.

Brew Pipeline Program

The Brew Pipeline Program is brand new to the Kansas City area, and we are very excited about it! Each month, we will be bringing in two to four different beer selections, which are currently unavailable in the local market. This month we have brought in Goodlife Brewing out of Bend, Or. Joining our shelves from them will be the Goodlife Special Sauce, and Goodlife Sweet As Pacific Ale. Special Sauce is a juicy IPA with 2-row pale, and pilsner malts rounded off with a delightful citrus finish. Sweet As Pacific Ale is a chill concoction brewed with New Zealand and Australian hops. Pineapple, cream, and other soft tropical aromas dominate your nose creating a perfect transition to the playful finish. Come on by and try these new beers before they rotate out!

September 25, 2019

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Crane Brewing - Beet Weiss

Crane Brewing out of Raytown, Mo, has recently released their Beet Weiss sour ale back into the market! Beet Weiss is an earthy, zinger that pairs great with food.This Fall seasonal Berliner-style Weiss combines a sour German wheat beer with an unlikely vegetable, and, frankly, they look and taste really good together. This is a rotating seasonal,s you'll need to come by and pick some up before they rotate to their Winter seasonal, Festweiss!  


Toppling Goliath -Intergalactic Warrior

Toppling Goliath, a crowd favorite, has just shipped their newest addition to their line up, Intergalactic Warrior IPA. Galaxy & Warrior hops join forces to create this beer with a bitter punch. Big body, bold flavor, with a boost of citrus rind and just a kick of spiciness in the finish. We think Intergalactic Warrior is an IPA worth fighting for.  


Logboat - Knot Hole Oktoberfest

Logboat Brewing out of Colombia, MO, has put out their Oktoberfest seasonal, Knot Hole. This German style amber lager is best enjoyed around a fire with snacks, and paired with falling leaves. We are moving our way through the year making our way towards Winter, and this beer is a great way to enjoy this cooling Fall weather!

Brew Pipeline Program

The Brew Pipeline Program is brand new to the Kansas City area, and we are very excited about it! Each month, we will be bringing in two to four different beer selections, which are currently unavailable in the local market. This month we have brought in Goodlife Brewing out of Bend, Or. Joining our shelves from them will be the Goodlife Special Sauce, and Goodlife Sweet As Pacific Ale. Special Sauce is a juicy IPA with 2-row pale, and pilsner malts rounded off with a delightful citrus finish. Sweet As Pacific Ale is a chill concoction brewed with New Zealand and Australian hops. Pineapple, cream, and other soft tropical aromas dominate your nose creating a perfect transition to the playful finish. Come on by and try these new beers before they rotate out!

September 19, 2019

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

2nd Shift - Sunny Cat

2nd Shift brewing is out of St. Louis, Mo, and has recently returned to the local Kansas City market. We have brought in some of their Sunny Cat, a New England style pale ale with tangerine peels. Also being added to the shelf is 2nd Shifts Hibiscus Wit, a Belgian-style wit beer brewed with spices. We are excited to have both beers in, and hope you stop by to check them out!

4 Noses - Pumpaction 

Another new brewery hitting the market this week is 4 Noses Brewing, out of Broomfield, Co. Pumpaction is a spiced imperial pumpkin ale, featuring nutmeg, allspice, clove, cinnamon, and fresh pumpkin puree. Winner of 2016 World Cup gold medal for pumpkin beer & the 2016 Great American Beer Festival Gold Medal winner for pumpkin spice beer. Though you might not think it from the current heat wave in the area, Fall is just around the corner, and we think this pumpkin beer will be perfect for the changing seasons!


Bellwoods Brewery - Grandma's Boy

Bellwoods Brewing is out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and they've just shipped us some of this years edition of Grandma's Boy! The 2018 release of Grandma's Boy uses a combination of bright acidity, spritzy carbonation and oak to match bold flavors of apricot, nectarine and plum. Subtle notes of vanilla and sea spray emerge as the beer warms. The finish is tart, dry and leaves a touch of plum skin on the palate. A perfect refreshment for these late Summer, early Fall days!

September 10, 2019

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Boulevard Brewing - 30th Anniversary

Inspired by John McDonald's desire to "do something different" Boulevards brewers created this elegant, complex blend of barrel-aged beers to celebrate their 30th anniversary. Containing 8 different imperial stouts, and Belgian-style dark ales, blended into a single batch, this beer is sure to keep your pallet guessing. Enjoy this fresh off the bottling line, or after aging it for a year or two in some cool cellar conditions, to experience the full impact of this great creation. Cheers to 30 years!


Southern Tier - Cold Press Pumking

Southern Tier has been releasing some excellent fall seasonal beers for the last couple years. This year, we were able to snag a couple cases of Cold Press Coffee Pumking. Cold press coffee is a lengthy process, but it results in a smooth coffee flavor with nutty, cocoa & chocolaty notes that match perfectly with the base Pumking Beer. We will not have these in for very long, so grab some before they rotate to something new!


Oskar Blues - Rose for Daze

Oskar Blues out of Longmont, Colorado, has brought in some last second summer seasonal as we rotate into fall. Rose for Daze is a slightly tart, highly refreshing rose style ale with hibiscus and prickly pear. Backed by a subtle hop profile, this berry-like hibiscus beer is refreshing and spritzy, perfect for those warm days and cool nights! 

September 03, 2019

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

New Belgium - Peach Kick

New Belgium Brewing out of Fort Collins, Co has just released the Peach Kick Sour ale. Peach Kick is an ode to New Belgium's harvest time in Colorado. A blend of world class wood-aged sours and a golden ale infused with peaches, it's perfectly balanced for easy-drinking, tongue-tingling excitement. This new seasonal should be around for a little while longer, and we think that's just peachy!   


Firestone Walker - Violet Underground

Firestone Walker, in collaboration with The Wild Beer Co have produced an avant-garde wild ale made with golden raspberries and candied violet petals. Violet Underground offers an abundance of raspberry aromas, lively cidery flavors and a suggestion of botanical confection - all converging into a dry, mouthwatering finish.


O'Fallon - Vanilla Pumpkin Beer

O'Fallon Pumpkin has always been a popular Fall seasonal amber ale. The vanilla edition, however, has added locally produced cold-pressed Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla. The vanilla adds another layer of flavor to the "pumpkin pie" theme of this amber ale and balances well with the cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. It tastes like a slice of pumpkin pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on it!

August 27, 2019

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Crane Brewing - Apricot Weiss

We have just received a new batch of some delicious Apricot Weiss, a Berliner-style sour ale brewed with apricots from Crane Brewing. The Crane brewery, right down the road in Raytown, Mo, has been brewing some great sours, and this one is no exception. Pouring a hazy yellow gold, with a strong notes of apricot, and nice puckering finish. Only a small amount was distributed, so grab some quickly before they are gone!


Bur Oak - Hoppen-Daz Raspberry

You might remember the delicious Hoppen-Daz Mango Milkshake release form Bur Oak Brewing earlier this year. This is an alteration of that same great recipe, with the substitution of raspberry! Its subtle hints of raspberry flavor and a creamy mouthfeel go together perfectly for a sweet summer refreshment!


Logboat Brewing Co - Jerk Alert

This Limited Release Double IPA starts with a simple malt profile to both compliment and also stay out of the way of the hops. Speaking of hops, this one is loaded up with nearly 3 pounds of hops per barrel Galaxy, Cascade, and Chinook. Bright fruit and flower aromas are followed by a juicy flavor and a gentle pine resin finish. Another great brew from the folks out of Columbia, Mo!

August 13, 2019

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Revolver Brewing - Blood & Honey

Revolver Brewing from Granbury, Texas, has finally made it into the local market after many requests. They have brought their Blood & Honey American Ale, an unfiltered, deep-golden ale brewed with malted two-row barley and wheat. Blood & Honey is finished with blood orange peel, Texas honey, and a blend of spices. Also joining the market is Revolver Hop Device IPA, a hazy IPA with Cryo Hops, designed to deliver intense hop aroma and tropical citrus flavor.


Boulevard - Lickable Wallpaper.

Boulevard keep pumping out the new brews, and we keep bringing them in! Lickable Wallpaper is the newest addition to their First Fridays Collection. This tart, tangy ale, 18 months in the making, celebrates the lovely, luscious boysenberry, a uniquely american creating. A mixed fermentation sour saison was fermented in Chardonnay casks for more than a year before luxuriating on fresh fruit for four months. Boysenberries taste like.. boysenberries!


Dogfish Head Lupu-Luau IPA

Another great creation form Dogfish Head Brewing has made its back into the store! Dogfish Head Lupu-Luau IPA, has returned just in time for the conclusion of Summer. This IPA is brewed with a tropical trifecta of toasted coconut, experimental hops & coconut water. We think this beer is a delicious treat for the dwindling amount of long summer nights we have remaining. 

August 06, 2019

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Golden Road - Kingdom Blonde Ale

The Chiefs are almost back in action, and we have some great beer to go with it. Kingdom Blonde Ale, from Golden Road has made it back into the local market just in time for the preseason. Originally from Kansas City, the brewers from Golden Road Brewing in California have produced a delicious easy drinking golden ale, with a 4.8%ABV. Perfect for the long days of tailgating ahead!  


Odell Brewing - Cloud Catcher

Odell's limited seasonal, Cloud Catcher, is a hazy, smooth, citrus forward milkshake IPA. With notes of creamsicle and peach, and milk sugar added, you get a sweet burst of citrus flavor followed by a silky smooth finish. This seasonal is always quick to go, so make sure you pick some of this delicious brew soon.


Decadent-Pineapple Orange Pacific Punch

Decadent ales is producing top of the line, creative and new beers for their consumers. Pineapple Orange Pacific Punch is their third in a series of pacific punch variants. Loads of tropical forward hops compliment the added pineapple puree and orange zest for a perfect summer sipper. 

July 30, 2019

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Logboat - Raspberry Shiphead

Raspberry Shiphead is a tasty twist on the original year round classic form Logboat brewing, Shiphead. By adding a fruit forward raspberry taste and aroma to an already great beer, Logboat keeps the great taste while adding another side of complexity without compromising quality. This beer is perfect for the long summer nights when a refreshment is much needed.


New Belgium - Citradelic Tangerine IPA

Set adrift on a kaleidoscopic wave of hoppiness brought to you by a mystical marriage of Citra hops and tangerine peel, which elevates each sip onto a plane of pure tropical, fruity pleasure. Citradelic's namesake hop and fruit combine to jam with visions of additional hops like citrusy Mandarina Bavaria, tropical Azzaca, and fruity Galaxy for a colorful explosion that's grounded by just a touch of malty sweetness.


Shiner - Oktoberfest

That's Right! We are moving right on through the summer inching closer towards fall, and many Oktoberfest beers have been hitting the market this week! Shiner Oktoberfest is a Märzen-Style ale with German grown Hallertau Tradition hops, 5.7% ABV, and 18 IBUs. Shiner has stuck to their classic Bavarian roots to develop this copper-red ale, with full bodied maltiness, and rounded with a little spice. 

July 23, 2019

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Pipeworks - Pineapple Guppy Pale Ale

Pipeworks is a great brewery out of Chicago that has been brewing since 2002, and were recently introduced into the local KC market. Pineapple Guppy is a Pale Ale packed and brewed with pineapple. This beer will bring a sweet ripe pineapple flavor with a citrus aroma and a background of hops. Tropical hop undertones of passion fruit, mango, and melon also make a subtle appearance.


Bells - Smitten

A well known brewery from Kalamazoo, Mi, Bells Brewing, has taken it way back to an old recipe with their release of Smitten. Using a Golden Rye Pale Ale recipe, Smitten has evolved into a pale ale with bitter citrus notes, resinous hop aromas and earthy overtones. This beer is a rotating seasonal, and will be gone before you know it!


Schlafly Bellini Saison

St. Louis Brewing and St. Louis Crafted Cocktails have recently released an Italian style peach Bellini Saison. This golden, slightly hazy brew packs in real fruit flavor with peach puree against a hybrid of French and Belgian Saison yeast. Perfect for any patio brunch, or when you just need a mid day refreshment. 

July 17, 2019

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Destihl Wild Sour - Lynnbrook 

The Destihl brewery is known for their exceptional sours, which often bring a perfect combination of fruitiness and sour. Their seasonal release, Lynnbrook, is a berliner-style weisse beer with fresh raspberries added.The result is a refreshing, fuchsia-colored beer with an aroma of raspberry-lemon and a tart refreshing finish.


Luponic Distortion IPA No. 13

Firestone Walker Brewing Company have outdone themselves with the Luponic Distortion Series. Each release the base beer remains the same, while the variety of hops changes to showcase the possibilities of pure hop aromas and flavors. Distortion No. 13 features a blend of six hops from the Pacific Northwest and Germany, all combining to offer bright flavors of piña colada, key lime and nectarine. Yum!


Dogfish Head Slightly Mighty

Dogfish Head has been producing top level brews for quite some time now. Slighty mighty is their version of a low cal, low carb IPA, and is no exception.This true indie craft beer has all the character of a world class IPA, but with only 95 calories, 3.6g carbs, 1g protein and 0g fat per 12oz serving. However, you would never know from the taste of it! 

June 26, 2019

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Sierra Nevada - Life and Limb

This is the third Life and Limb collaboration that Sierra Nevada and Dogfish Head have done together. Life and Limb is a strong, dark beer with a full body and constantly evolving finish. This batch includes syrup from birch and maple trees, including those on the Calagione family farm in Massachusetts. It has been a couple years since the previous version, so be sure to pick some up before this years is gone!


Modern Times- Orderville Hazy IPA

Modern Times is a brand new brewery to the Kansas City Market. They have been distributing in the California area since 2013, and have since expanded to numerous states. We have recently recieved their Orderville Hazy IPA, Fruitlands Sour Tropical Gose, and Black House Coffe Stout. Orderville brings a fruit forward IPA, and pairs it with a fully saturated hop flavor and finish. We are happy to welcome them to the market, and have heard nothing but great things!


Prairie - Barrel Aged Birthday Bomb

That's Right! This years batch of Prairie Artisan Ales - Barrel Aged Birthday Bomb has finally hit the shelves! This sought after Imperial Stout is mixed with coffee, cacao nibs, vanilla bean, chili peppers, caramel sauce and Toffee. Talk about a mouth full! We only have an allocated amount of this years batch, and LAST YEARS as well, so be sure to make a visit and pick some up!

June 19, 2019

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Limited Release from Firestone! 

This release boasts a supremely smooth blend of rich chocolate and roasted malts with strong  wood/wine effervescence. With only 3000 bottles produced and 2 cases allocated to us be sure to get it before its gone!    


New to Market from Fort Worth, TX!

Just off the truck yesterday, Rahr & Son's is the latest addition to great Missouri beer market. Pick up a variety 12pk for $17.98 or any of their available 6pk cans for $8.98 now!   



Other than just a fun phrase to say you'll find this 7% IPA to be vibrant, fruity, and perfect for summer drinking. The lactose and strong mango punch balance with the bitterness of the hops to bring you a refreshing buzz. Quantities are limited! 

June 05, 2019

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Left Hand - Push Pop Party Nitro

Summer is here, and we have the perfect treat to keep you cool! Left Hand Brewing has outdone themselves with this hazy citrus ale, that's packed with notes of orange and lime. Packaged with Nitro, the sweetness of the fruit is followed by a silky smooth finish, perfect for a hot summer day.


Cigar City Variety 12pk Can

Another great brewery has entered the market this week. Cigar City Brewing Company out of Tampa, Florida has arrived with a variety of great beers. The mixed pack includes Jai Alai IPA, Florida Cracker - Belgian style White Ale, Guayabera Citra Pale Ale, and Space Pope IPA. We are excited to have this great brewery available and ready for you to enjoy! 


Logboat Brewing - Side Whip

Logboat Brewing from Columbia, Missouri has released an allocated IPA in celebration of their 5th year of brewing. Side Whip is a delightful session IPA, with its own twist from added Jasmine and Gunpowder tea. This easy drinking IPA will bring a spiciness from the tea matched by citrus from that hops that pair perfectly for a refreshing mid day beverage. 

May 29, 2019

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Southern Tier - Nitro S'mores

Nitro S'mores from Southern Tier offers cascading, creamy richness with notes of rich chocolate, marshmallow, graham cracker and a touch of Himalayan sea salt. Using integrated technology to release the nitrogen when opened, the nitro instantly activates a smooth mouthfeel and thicker, creamier head for a decadent experience. Truly Delightful.


Alaskan Brewing has Arrived!

Alaskan Brewing Co. out of Juneau, Alaska has finally arrived to the market here in Missouri. Their Mixed pack contains their 4 main year round beers including their Amber, Husky IPA, White - Wit, and Kolsch. Alaskan Brewing has expanded to 20+ states for distribution, come find out why they're doing so well!


New Belgium - Voodoo Ranger Juicifer

Juicifer from New Belgium is packed to the brim with citrus aromas from Galaxy and Citra hops. Paired with a perfect mix of moderate sweetness and hazyness, this juicy IPA will leave your pallet perplexed and wanting more. This is a rotating IPA series, so grab some before they're gone!

May 15, 2019

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

"If you Like Pina Coladas...!"

Hey, if we got that song stuck in our head, it's only fair to pass it along!

Fortunately, we do like Pina Coladas, but more importantly we love this new Gose from Destihl brewed with pineapple, coconut, coriander and sea salt. It's not quite a substitute for the beach, but it's still delicious!

Speaking Of Beach Time...Aloha!

Ballast Point makes epic IPAs, and Aloha Sculpin shows their steady hand with the hops! This is their entry into the growing 'Hazy IPA' category, with a little more wheat and a more subtle hopping to bring out the lovely citrus notes with overwhelming the palate.


No Beach Theme, Just Great Coffee Stout!

We're excited for the latest in Mother's exciting and innovative 'Single Origin Coffee Stout Series!' These small lot beers blend Mother's powerful stout with coffee from a single lot, giving each version a distinct flavor. This release uses Ethiopian Yirgacheffe!

May 08, 2019

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Sour Ale With A Caress of Apricot!

Boulevard won't stop releasing delicious new beers! We're in love with this Wild Ale blended from multiple barrels and foeders, some aged as long as 36 months! Once aged to perfection, Smooth Fuzz was left to finish on top of whole fresh apricots which blend beautifully with the wild lactobacillus and brett flavors!


There's a Tall, Dark Belgian in Your Future!

At least there will be if you run down here and grab a big bottle of Soothsayer! Ommegang's big, bold and rich Dark Belgian Ale has dense, malty notes balanced with bright yeasty notes into a package that will improve your future!


To Tell You The Truth, We Like This Beer!

New from Martin City! It's the latest in the Candor series, and we really like this highly drinkable Session IPA! Citrus Candor blends racy hops into a Hazy IPA, which is then flavored with tangy tangerines!

May 02, 2019

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

All The Hops With Dogfish Head!

The 21st century has brought amazing technological advances to hopping beer, and Dogfish Head pushes that frontier even further with Liquid Truth Serum IPA! Four styles of hops are added post-boil (they said it couldn't be done, but they were wrong!) - Whole leaf, liquified, pelletized and powdered for maximum IBU variety!


Warm Weather Thirst Quencher From Shiner!

Sometimes on the weekend you just want a beer that's perfect for crushing in the sun, and Shiner's legendary Ruby Redbird is perfect for just that! Fresh Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit juice gets a little ginger kick, and then is blended into a classic, juicy and refreshing Shiner beer.


Come on Spring! We've Got Corona To Drink!

Looking at the forecast for May, it looks like a little bit warmer weather, but some unsurprisingly rainy days are ahead! You might not need to chase the heat just yet, but Corona's Refresca variety pack can keep the humidity away and your refreshment levels high in anticipation of some pool time. Three tasty tropical fruit flavors mean something delicious for everyone!

April 23, 2019

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Bou Lou Redux!

Two Kansas City Greats team up again to put out one of the great warm weather beers! Bouelvard Brewing and Tech N9NE arrived on the scene around 30 years ago, and have been cornerstones of local culture ever since. This beer partners Boulevard Wheat with flavors of Pineapple and Coconut to make a huge hit!


New Dragon's Milk!

How do you make a Stout for Spring or Summer? Find a way to flavor it with fresh raspberry and exuberant hibiscus!

That's just what New Holland has done, and the complex notes of flowers, fruit, and chocolate, malty Stout play together like it was meant to be!


Ommegang Rosetta is Perfect!

If it's not perfect, it's sure close! We love Ommegang's upstate New York takes on traditional Belgian-beers, and even though this is a year-round release, Rosetta is perfect for warm days and brisk nights. The Kriek-style beer blends tangy lambics and fresh cherries to make a beer that any Belgian would love!

April 18, 2019

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Big and Brooding Nitro Oatmeal!

Martin City's Robust is their delicious take on the classic rich Oatmeal Stout style! They describe it as a friendly "bear hug" in beer form. The oatmeal grains transform into a dense, delightful beer with notes of toffee, dark fruit, chocolate that lead to a roasty rich finish!


New APA From Tighthead Brewing!

We're excited to have this delicious new sessionable APA from Illinois' Tighthead Brewing! Brewed from wheat and hopped with Citra and Amarillo hops, this has lively tropical fruit notes with moderate alcohol and nice balance of bitterness hops and fruit.


Amarillo by Morning by Logboat!

Brewed in honor of Columbia's Roots and Blues Festival, this single-hopped APA is another one that's almost too easy to crush. A zippy and refreshing beer that still finds a way to pair with the Blues!

April 09, 2019

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Boulevard Branches Out!

We understand if you're skeptical. We understand if your mind drifts off to 'Smirnoff Ice.' But give these a chance - it's Boulevard!

And if we could count on anyone to get a canned Ready-to-Drink cocktail right, it would be Boulevard. All four flavors are here and ready for you to drink!


Brilliant Belgian From Fonteinen!

So now we're off to the opposite extreme of our brewing spectrum. We have a limited amount of Hommage, a brilliant cellarworthy blended Lambic flavored with raspberries and sour cherries. This stunning, hand-crafted beer is a stunning example of the art of brewing, with layered malt flavors intertwined with the exquisite flavors and hand-picked fruit!


A Whole Wild Pack of Sours!

"Sour Beer" can be a complicated category for the uninitiated, but Destihl's Wild Pack has something for newbies and sour verterans alike. Four different styles/flavors with three cans each. Try a classic Sour next to a Berliner next to a Gose next to a Flanders (just be smart and safe!) 

April 02, 2019

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Keep a Lookout for Big Brother...

Here's a beer for slow sipping. Martin City has just released Big Brother Imperial Stout, a thick and rich beer aged to perfection (this time) in Bourbon barrels. Thick and layered, with a creamy smooth mouthfeel, the roasted malt notes give way to cherry and vanilla Bourbon notes towards the back. At 11% ABV, take your time with this one.


Boulevard Wasn't Fooling!

When our good friends at Boulevard announced they were releasing Easy Sport, a low-carb and -calorie beer - one that had added magnesium and potassium for sports recovery (not to mention tangerine and sea salt), a few people took to social media to point out the very suspicious 4/1 release date (especially with last years 'Turnt Ends' prank.

They weren't joking. It's here. Come and get a refreshing beer for all your sporty aftermaths!

(We're not joking either - it's here and it's actually pretty good!)


Big 'Bennie' Stout From Logboat!

If you look your Stouts extra big and bold, snag a 4-pack of 'Bennie cans.' This Imperial Mocha Stout from Columbia's Logboat Brewing shows, deep, saturated color in the glass and is crammed with toasted malt flavors accentuated with coffee, mocha, almond, hazelnut and vanilla!

March 20, 2019

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Some IPAs are Tropical - This one is TROPICAL!

Leave it to Founder's. This recent addition to their line-up is a massive, barrel-aged dry-hopped behemoth of a beer. Barrel Runner is dry-hopped with Mosaic hops, then aged in rum barrels to produce a dense, bittersweet Imperial IPA with subtle notes of rum and luscious tropical fruit. 

Funky Wild Tangerines!

It's the inaugural release for Bretta Tangerine, the latest in Firestone Walker's Barrelworks series. This Berlinerweisse-style is brewed with tangerines and flavored with Breattnomyces, then aged to perfection in French oak,


Passing Haze More Than Just a Hazy Craze!

Ballast Point are masters of the IPA-style, so its no surprise they want in on the latest hazy style! Passing Haze is a delicious, user-friendly IPA with juicy fruit and lively citrus hops. The balance keeps this one fun for everyone!

March 12, 2019

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Bell's Goes Hazy!

It's Official. And it's Bell's Official - their foray into the growing 'Hazy IPA' category. Official blends five different hop species (Mosaic, Citra, Azacca, Amarillo and El Dorado) with a wheat based malt to blend the citric intensity of an IPA with the cloudy look and lively texture of a wheat. Find this one all year! 


Uinta Goes Juicy!

It's the other new IPA style! Uinta introduces Clear Daze, their foray into a "juicy"-style IPA - a less hoppy bitter, more sweet-fruited version of a classic IPA. 


Natural Light Goes Crazy!

We haven't been this excited for a new yard beer in we don't know how long. When your two styles are "Light" and "Ice," making your third a Strawberry-Lemonade session lager covered in flamingos is a great statement, and we think there might be a few "Naturdays" in this summer's future!

March 06, 2019

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Open a Beer For Opening Day!

The first days of baseball will be here before we know it, and to celebrate, Boulevard has released their new Mexican-style Lager, Vamos, to help you get in that tailgating mood! Flaked maize brewed with pilsener and Vienna malts make this a crushable beer.

Celebate with Sweetwater 420!

New to Gomer's! One of Atlanta's finest breweries has shipped us their renowned West Coast style 420 Extra Pale Ale. This has super balance of Cascade hops and subtle malt. We love this citrus intensity, and April will be here soon!


Zipline Bombers of New Pom Sour!

This is an awesome new sour from Zipline Brewing Co! The sweet notes of tangy pomegranate fruit blends perfectly with vibrant sour ale flavors for a delicious twist on a traditional style.

February 12, 2019

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Firestone Walker Takes On Hazy IPA!

The iconic Firestone Walker Brewery finally decided to take on the Hazy IPA style, and everyone is a winner! Their brewers played with the style over many experimental batches before dialing in a delicious mix of creamy richness and tropical hoppiness. This crew does IPA right! 

Flamingo Fruit Fight!

Bell's is one of the greats, and we're always excited to see a new edition of the 'Larry's Latest' series, named for the founder himself! The current release, Flamingo Fruit Fight, mixes passionfruit and lime into a delicious tart ale that will have you dreaming of warm days and summer nights!


Bohemia Mix 12 Packs!

Bohemia was Mexico's first premium brewery, and it remains an icon. We have a new mix pack containing three different styles, a refreshing Wheat, a classic Pilsner and a dark rich Vienna Lager!

February 05, 2019

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Same Yeti, Great New Taste!

Great Divide's long-running Yeti Stout series has a new sighting on our shelves! The classic base of thick, dense Stout gets rounded out with the addition of sweet and sour cherries as well as dark, bitter cacao!  


Like A Burst Of Summer Now!

Those beautiful Spring and Summer days feel like they are just around the corner, but if you can't wait, come grab a six-pack of Saugatuck's Blueberry Lemonade Shandy! This refreshing beer may taste like summer, but it drinks well all year round!


Blushing Monk From Founders!

New in four pack bottles! This delightful brew is the "older sibling" of the every popular Rubeus - bigger, bolder and more broad-shouldered. Fresh raspberries and wild yeast in a Belgian-style make for a fun, fruit-driven beer!

January 29, 2019

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

New to KCMO - Toppling Goliath!

Toppling Goliath is a great Midwestern craft beer success story! From local roots in Decorah, Iowa they have grown into a nice small brewery and taproom, with enough production to ship to us here in Kansas City! King Sue is a big, bold, rich Double IPA with racy hops and rich malt notes. Available in 4-pack cans!    

AAAAAAH! (It's Moral Panic)

Just in, from Ska Brewing! It's Moral Panic, their new Brut IPA. The hops are added post-boil to tone down the bitterness and accentuate the tropical fruit of Citra and Galaxy hops. This style of IPA means there's a lot more champagnes of beers, to coin a phrase...


Brilliant Porter From Ballast Point!

When the balance between bitter and sweet is perfect, you just know it, and we know that Victory at Sea, Ballast Point's delicious coffee-and-vanilla flavored Porter walks that tightrope pefectly! Dark roasted coffee notes play with sweet, rich vanilla and a little acidity from the cold brew.

January 22, 2019

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Boulevard Chocolate Ale!

Thank you in advance for not acting like complete maniacs about the first release of Boulevard Chocolate Ale in three years! Yes, it's here, available in four-packs, and it's the same deliciously chocolate-y beer that you know and love. 


New Latin Name, Same Great Taste!

It's always nice to see someone grow up, and the crew at Mother's Brewing have decided to rethink one of their best beers and rename it to give it the respect it deserves. Materfamilias is a deep, bold, rich Imperial Stout aged in a variety of oak barrels - Bourbon, Rye, Rum and Brandy! 


New Coffee Porter!

It's hard to tell which is better - Dunkin' Donuts namesake pastries, or their coffee! The good folks at Harpoon have hooked up with DD to pay tribute to the coffee the kept them going on long days of brewing, and the result is a bold, dark Porter style with notes of roasted espresso and subtle chocolate.

January 15, 2019

New Arrivals and Recommended Beers

Brooklyn Legend!

Before Williamsburg and skinny jeans were a thing, Brooklyn Brewery was making some of America's great craft beers, and arguably their best was their classic carmel-rich Brown Ale. The beautiful balance of subtle hops and rich roasted maltiness is nice and smooth like Nice n' Smooth were back in the day!  

Martin City Contends Early For 'Name of the Year'!

What do you get when you cross beer and milk. If you're Martin City and Shatto Milk, you get Brooo! This lovely partnership has given us a delicious, rich Milk Chocolate Stout that's dense, sweet, lush and wonderful!


Oskar Blues Rocks Some Rosé!

New from Oskar Blues! Guns N' Rosé is their latest 6-pack can format. This rosé ale pours a lively pink, and is flavored with hibiscus and prickly pear for a bright, floral and fruity beer!

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