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Let us help you plan for your special event!

Did you know Gomer's can help plan for your special day?  Whether it's a corporate event, wedding or large party, we can help calculate and plan the beverage menu for you! 

Even better, we can deliver in Missouri!  


Contact us today to get started!  In the form below send us the number of people and the length of the event & this will get us in the right direction to make your party a success. 


40% Beer  40% Liquor 20% Wine

Amount of drinkers X hours of reception = total amount of drink

total / .40 / 24 = cases of beer

total / .40 / 39 = amount of handles

total / .20 / 5 = amount of wine bottles ( divide by 4 for amount of Bota Boxes)

amount of drinkers / 8 = amount of bottles for champagne toast


Or 40% Beer & 60% wine

What we


Give your guests an easy, fun menu that doesn't break the bank!

Our Party Planners always recommend:

Domestic, craft and seltzer option

Signature Cocktails vs. Full Bar

Red & white wine option

Champagne Toast


Choosing the perfect wine for your budget!

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